We provide an extensive range of
Travel Management services

JC Travel NZ is one of the largest independent travel management companies in New Zealand. We have offices in New Zealand, Australia, China, India, Dubai and correspondent offices in the US and other OECD countries. We also support a large network of travel agencies and large tour operators across the Middle East and the Gulf Region.

Understanding Our Clients

We focus on driving cost out of the procurement of travel services while working to improve the client’s travel experience. Our customer service model is focused on two factors; the provision of cost effective service, and the client we provide the service for.

Globally Trusted

JC Travel is a member of CT Partners Pty Ltd and Radius Travel. This means we play a critical role as one of the largest independent corporate travel management companies in delivering consolidated global programs, quality data and strong local service.

Like us, each Radius Travel member meets high operating, financial and service standards required for membership. Members know their markets the way we know ours so that your travellers and local offices are provided with local resources; people who understand the language, culture, and all that is distinctive about their market.

Through our partnership with Radius Travel, you can expect our strong local service to be taken with you wherever you go.


We understand how a Managed Travel Program will support our client’s ongoing drive to reduce travel expenses. Our applications and team lend themselves to this goal.

Our key services include

Account Management
Cost Control
Personalised Assistance
Travel Reporting
Online Booking Tool
International Travel
Air Travel
VIP Services
Our Approach

You can’t develop an effective solution without building a solid foundation. That’s why we start with the basics by reviewing your travel policy along with the overall company’s travel-related goals.

One of the strategies we offer our clients is access to our Travel Excellence Team. The role of the team is to work with each client to bring best practice and lowest cost into travel management. For example, the team works with your CFO, travel approvers and administrators to identify specific areas of lost savings.